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Resep French Dip Sandwiches
Catagory : Sandwiches
Recipes Country : Other
Thinly sliced pot roast meat
-for 6 sandwiches
1 pk Au jus mix
1 French bread loaf
Butter (optional)
| 1. If frozen, place slices of meat on a cookie tray in a 325F for
just long enough to thaw and heat through. It is not necessary to
preheat oven.

2. While meat is heating, prepare au jus mix acording to
manufacturer's directions. Keep hot until ready to serve.

3. Cut bread lengthwise in half and then in sandwich size, about 4
inches long.

4. Butter bread (optional) and make sandwiches. Servie au jus mix in
individual bowls for dunking sandwiches. Allow 1/2 cup, or more, for
each sandwich

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